People’s Reaction On Critics Of Pawan

Posted : March 17, 2014 at 10:23 pm IST by ManaTelugu
There is a big platoon of critics now aiming solely at Pawan Kalyan and his ‘Jana Sena’. But Pawan’s followers are not bent by such  detractors as they feel that when a person stands against tide, he will get some friction  like this.

As Pawan Kalyan asked about the donations collected by Telangana Jagruthi’s Kavitha, TRS leaders are in turn asking how much Pawan collected as remuneration till date and how about the taxes he paid. Political observers feel that those who are unable to react on Pawan’s questions are simply following browbeating politics. The star hero has clearly asked TRS boss’ daughter to be answerable to public but not to him. Also, Pawan is not collecting donations, but he is charging a fee for his contribution to movie. Will Kavtiha’s followers now say that she too collected charge for running the organisation? Then there will be no meaning for revolution and fighting for rights of people.

Many say that politicians who haven’t stopped bifurcation or the deaths of hundreds of people in Telangana are now blasting Pawan just to enjoy a two minute fame in TV channels. Else, their words are nothing and they totally failed to understand the intentions of Pawan.