Why People Wait For Pawan Kalyan?

Posted : November 28, 2013 at 6:30 am IST by ManaTelugu

A general talk being spread in Film Nagar by few jealous folks is that many talented people are wasting their time by waiting for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. They are citing director Sampath Nandi as a latest example who is waiting since 2011 for his next flick after Rachha. But why do people wait for so long for Pawan?

Undoubtedly many actors and technicians wait for Pawan Kalyan for a long time, this is not because he is an actor of magnanimity or his producers reward these aspirants high. It is because the experience with a Pawan will be a life-time for the kind of personality he is. People close to the actor say that once we start interacting with him, there is no way we could control ourselves from stopping our journey with him. Not just he speaks down to earth, but his theories, his outlook towards life and his attitude in treating everyone as human being rather some ‘rich’ and ‘talented’ guys make him a piece of distinction.

Coming to Sampath Nandi’s case, many a times Pawan asked him to go out and do a film and come back once he wraps it. But it is heard that Sampath is so attached to Pawan that he want to pick another film only after wrapping the one in hand with this mega hero. That is how people close to behave, but not for any other benefit. Narrow minds need to understand this!