People ruing for toppling CBN?

Posted : March 29, 2013 at 4:02 am IST by ManaTelugu
One gets the feeling that people of Andhra Pradesh are ruing for toppling TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu. CBN who ruled the state for 9 years made Hyderabad IT Hub and then developed the city making many corporates turn towards Andhra Pradesh with his industry friendly policies.

When maoists attacked him at Alipiri, Tirumala, he went for snap polls. When everyone thought that Naidu will be having sympathy factor, it was overdone by YSR’s Padayatra. People of AP from then on been under YSR and Cong clutches. Many felt during the last elections, Cong will be wiped out but strategic game plan by Cong with PRP and Loksatta marred the TDP’s chances with even people falling prey for the gimmicks of YSR.

Little did innocent people realise that they will fall prey for YSR’s padayatra gimmicks and later suffer under his corrupt regime. In the next elections many voted for short term gains as YSR promised and bought in GOs on various issues without thinking whether there will be any funds to implement the schemes. Now everyone knows the status of free power, scholarships and supply of essential items.

While professionals lament the marred image of Hyderabad thanks to KCR’s TRS and Cong, YSRCP’s divide and rule and fanning the sentiments of telangana people, corporates rue power holidays and are closing shutters unable to bear losses. Then comes law and order and security problem with so many blasts, acid attacks etc increasing rampantly.

All this is making people so much disillusioned that even when CBN ,the keen strategist is trying sincerely to solve their problems, they are not believing him but going towards once again for shortterm gains which YS.Jagan is promising. Wonder when people realise their mistakes. Better people realise or they will be looted by another corrupt regime if they for shortterm benefits