Pearl City on Taliban Radar

Posted : December 1, 2012 at 10:33 am IST by ManaTelugu
Pearl City Hyderabad is currently on Taliban Radar according to reports from unconfirmed sources. While sources say Pakistan based Terror group Taliban is keen on avenging the execution of Kasab by targeting easy and soft target like Hyderabad, CP of the city Anurag Sharma rubbished all the rumors saying the police checks are just normal and routine exercise.

He assured all that steps to nab terrorists and curb their activities will be going on continuously and will not be a knee jerk reaction to some rumors. He said he did not get any new information on pakistani based sleeper cells. He however said the security is beefed up due to Dec 6th blackday fast approaching.

However many feel that police efforts are not getting any desired results if one goes by the recent happenings in the old city. The place witnessed huge violence over small issue and during that time there were reports that some groups from Bihar landed specially to create law and order problem carrying out attacks. Police even confirmed the arrests but said all those were old criminals.