Pawan’s fans running for cover

Posted : December 30, 2013 at 10:40 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Marriage is a private issue of any person. Whoever marries any one be it second or third marriage, it falls under the personal issues of a person. However this is true only in case of common people. When it comes to celebrities, it is also related to society. Fans of heroes or heroines celebrate marriage of their hero and heroine as if the marriage of their own family member. So when celebrities happily receive lakhs of peoples accolades they should be prepared to receive criticism too.

Now Pawan’s fans and detractors are commenting on his marriage in one or the other way. With his third marriage confirmed, this is becoming a topic of heated discussion.  Some obviously disapprove Pawan’s third marriage and question why Pawan is behaving in such high handed manner without having any respect for the institution of marriage and Indian traditions.
Some support him saying law itself agrees that a person can marry n number of times after divorcing his previous wife legally. Now other heroes fans are bashing Pawanism and Pawan. When marriage rumours came about Pawan and Lezenova, Pawan fans went overboard blasting all even finding fault with the marriage certificate. They even said that Pawan will reunite with Renu Desai. Now Pawan fans are catching their heads while others are questioning how many marriages Pawan will do.