Pawanism – Will It Really Click?

Posted : August 12, 2013 at 6:47 am IST by ManaTelugu

There is nothing like a boundary for ‘Pawanism’ with millions of fans it come becoming disciples for that unique feeling. Of course, all Powerstar fans are Pawanism followers only. But how far cashing on that feeling will click at box office in a commercial way?

A couple of guys are now coming up with a movie titled ‘Pawanism’, where the story of revolves around couple of hardcore fans of Pawan Kalyan. We have seen films like ‘Seenugaadu Chiranjeevi Fan’ and how they have sank without any trace already. So it could be expected what will be the fate of such flicks made on cashing popularity of a hero. Moreover, making a film on Pawanism kind of subjects is a mediocre idea. Though many people connect to Pawanism by heart, they cannot digest someone making it as entertainment. Also we cannot define what Pawanism is exactly is, as neither Pawan nor any hardcore fan issued any guidelines or path for that.

Simply saying, every Indian loves God and prays to him, but that doesn’t mean all films made on God will run for 365 days in all centres. On the other hand, some say that Pawanism is made with a good cause and will be received well. Let us see.