Pawan wasn’t 100% right

Posted : January 20, 2014 at 7:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Even though, Pawan Kalyan is known for his frank and fearless speeches and announced that industry is not property of film families at Rey function, but industry bigwigs dismiss it as a wrong assessment as he got his facts wrong. From film studio to theatre, the T-town is ruled by four to five film families who like to promote the interests of actors hailing from those families, whereas non-lineage stars are suffering due to lack of buyers and good theatres.

In fact, Pawan can call-up any of the 20-actors like Tarun, Raja, Navdeep, Tanish, Varun Sandesh and 10-odd upcoming actors like Prince and others, to know first hand, the bleak situation for non-family heroes. More than 250-odd films lying in cans of non-bloodline actors, is clear indication of biased lessees. “Show us any film of son, son-in-law or nephew of the star family being stuck in cans” asks a small budget filmmaker.

Pawan claimed that only ‘talent’ counts and not ‘lineage’ but if these ill-fated actors and directors can’t release their films- how viewers would judge their talent and promote them, because most of the talent is sleeping in 1000’s cans in various  film laboratories. “We would be glad if Pawan tries to help non-lineage stars to get good theatres and make ti level-playing field” he adds.