Pawan Warned Him Not To Use Mega Family Name?

Posted : January 20, 2014 at 9:14 pm IST by ManaTelugu

It is an open secret in film industry that from long time onwards heirs trend is continuing in industry many top heroes from 1960’s to until now, concentrated to introduce her next generations to films. Nandamuri, Akkineni, Daggubati and Mega families are known for introducing their next generations to industry and keeping their family names as everlasting in industry.

As everyone ever that senior heroes will take much care on their junior’s films and they will recommend them to many directors and producers. Due to senior heroes popularity and fan following only helps the juniors to enter into industry and later they need to prove themselves, it a secondary thing. But primary entry is only because their fathers and grandfathers only.
Currently Mega family has more number of heroes when we compare with others and due to Mega Star only all the heroes from mega family are present in Tollywood. Here is the news, in recent release of Mega new hero debut film “Rey” audio launch Pawan Kalyan said that he doesn’t recommended Sai Dharma Tej to YVS Chowdary for a film. Which shocked many and buzzes started spreading in tensile town that Pawan recommend Sai to YVS.
But, today in an interview “Rey” director who wants to keep an end to all buzzes said, “I approached Pawan Kalyan initially to ask him for introducing Sai Dharma Tej, but Pawan said frankly that, I can approach Sai directly and no need to contact him further for Sai’s film.”
He also added that, “Pawan strongly warned me and Sai not to use Mega family name, he clarified as anyone can sustain as hero only due to hard work no family back ground can make them as top heroes.” Pawan and YVS are struggling hard to keep an end to rumours about Sai Dharma Teaj introduction but the buzzes are spreading wide in industry and in social media too. Now we need to wait and see how film goers will react on this issue?