Pawan scared of his fans?

Posted : November 25, 2013 at 6:29 am IST by ManaTelugu

No one knows why Pawan does a particular thing and why he doesn’t do another thing at the same time. He do not like many things and will not do those things. He never reveals the secret for his likes and dislikes. Many say this is his style. Even with regards to ads, endorsing brands too he will be proceeding according to his liking. While no one knows the real reason behind his aversion to becoming a brand ambassador, some say he is doing it for his fans.

Many companies tried to make Pawan their brand ambassador but failed in their attempts. Though they are willing to pay some crores, Pawan is not saying ‘yes’ to them. Recently a jwellery company contacted him but he shocked them demanding letter in writing that their products are perfect. The company representatives left silently. Even for other companies he is saying the samething.
Many say Pawan is like this for the fear of his fans. The moment he endorse anything fans follow him blindly so Pawan feels he should do what is good for his fans and he is scared that if he endorses a wrong brand then it will plunge his fans into problems.