Pawan should be ready to face that from all women

Posted : March 11, 2014 at 7:16 pm IST by ManaTelugu

As Pawan kalyan is ready to enter politics he is working on all aspects to gain public attention and his political press meet on March 14th is hot cake news for state politics as he will announce his party policies and also release a new book regarding his political views. But Pawan kalyan should be ready to answer some serious questions.

Apart from saying that he would like to change the state but his brother said and failed to do that, if he comes out with same formula then he should think once again to return back to film industry. But one of major thing he really need to answer very single woman in state about his 3rd marriage issue and what leads him to do that.
He should convince many people with his 3rd marriage issue as being a film star is completely different from being a politician. People will have a right to question every single part of your life as they vote and elect you. So it will be his duty to answer all before stepping into his political life.  Mostly woman will take this frequent marriages as serious issues he need to answer them first to impress in politics.