It’s Pawan on losing end, not Producer!

Posted : September 24, 2013 at 6:15 am IST by ManaTelugu

The piracy of ‘Athariniki Daredi’ is going to cost Pawan Kalyan several crores as the good-hearted actor has promised to the producer that he would bear the entire loss. The damage might be huge and the actor mayn’t get much as his remuneration despite working so hard on this family entertainer.

With several people across the World downloading the 90-min footage and Piracy CDs in circulation, Financiers have tightened the screws and few distributors have been thinking on backing out on the project. Allu Aravind and Suresh Babu has come forward to do everything they could at this troubled situation. Both of these leading producers would be sharing the territories where distributors have voluntarily dis-owned the movie.

Let’s only wish the film turned out to be blockbuster to bring back smiles on the faces of everyone associated with it. Save ‘Athariniki Daredi’! Save TFI!