Pawan Kalyan’s ‘torture’ goes viral!

Posted : November 7, 2013 at 6:39 am IST by ManaTelugu

Pawan Kalyan is the buzz word in tinsel now. Anything that is related to him will get the spotlight. Media and fans will definitely pay attention if it is related to Pawan Kalyan in anyway. Dr. Haranath Policherla, an NRI, who tried his hand at acting in Telugu cinema, did a dance performance in US for Pawan Kalyan’s medley songs.

The video of Haranath’s dance is going viral on internet. Haranth’s Pawan Kalyan dance is being shared in Facebook and Twitter and one cannot stop laughing looking at the body language and dance moves of ‘Chandrahas’ fame Haranath in the video. Noted heroines like Vimala Raman and Madhurima were seen dancing along with him in the video which means it is done at a notable event.

Haranath seems pretty confident with his dance moves although it is having the viewers in splits. Pawan Kalyan fans are calling it torture, but irrespective of the reactions, Haranath will get publicity and become more popular with this feat. Powestar-aa Majakaa!