Pawan Kalyan To Re-Launch Prajarajyam?

Posted : September 13, 2013 at 6:23 am IST by ManaTelugu

Megastar Chiranjeevi is facing severe criticism for not resigning from his post. Neither he is able to say strongly to Congress that he will quit and lead Seemandhra people if they fail to keep Andhra Pradesh united. So, what is the best bet to make Chiru’s magic work in the state again?

 Few former Prajarajyam party leaders indicated they are planning to revive and revamp the merged Prajarajyam party back into action. That too the activities will go under Powerstar’s leadership this time. Close sources inside Chiru’s coterie revealed that top brasses have decided to revive Prajarajyam and race into elections with ‘Achieving United AP’ as single manifesto of party. Also these leaders are in the process of convincing Pawan Kalyan to lead the show this time for 2014 elections, and Chiru will play a safe game behind the screens.

The announcement of forming Telangana state has given severe blow to prospects of Congress in Seemandhra region. So, if a new party is born at the moment with Samaikya agenda, then it may fill the space and give tight competition to both TDP and YSR-C. Reports have that ministers Ganta Srinivas Rao and C Ramachandraiah are convinced with this agenda, and they are pooling around 50 former leaders of PRP for big meet in a couple of days in Hyderabad. Their main target is to pull Pawan into the party for a leading role such that there will be no looking back after 2014 elections, against the way PRP got just limited to 17 seats in 2009.

Also family relations between Chiru-Pawan got severed somewhat after the big boss merged PRP into Congress in a rush. So, if Pawan is pulled back into re-launched Prajarajyam then family issues will also settle, say observers. But for now, Pawan’s entry into politics and into Prajarajyam is a big suspense.