Pawan Kalyan meets Ramoji Rao?

Posted : October 17, 2013 at 9:47 am IST by ManaTelugu

Pawan Kalyan’s fire filled speech at Attarintiki Daredi has become talk of the town. TV Media has been focusing big on this and carrying long stories by reading between the lines. Pawan opined that piracy of AD was a conspiracy and few big names were involved in it. He warned them that he would make sure to bring them to justice. These topics are being discussed all over social media networks and other circles. However, if you had keenly followed Pawan’s speech, he has made it clear that he is having bigger plans. “Piracy is a petty issue. We have bigger things to deal with. I will be meeting you many more times and we shall DO…,” Pawan spoke in a determined tone.

 What are those bigger things? What was Pawan Kalyan referring to? There were rumors about his political plans in the recent past and Pawan’s speech indicates that he is inclined to make a political entry. Pawan has a burning zeal to do something to the society and the people. He has worked hard to make it possible by giving his hundred percent to his brother’s Praja Rajyam party. But that didn’t happen as PRP failed and Pawan Kalyan too was not pleased with the things had turned out. He has been staying away from politics from that time. But off late we have been hearing reports about discussions happening around him about his political entry.

As per grapevine, Pawan Kalyan has met media baron, King maker Ramoji Rao twice in the recent past and had long talks with him. If this were true, the rumors about Pawan Kalyan joining Telugu Desam Party can’t be taken lightly. As of now Pawan Kalyan is a huge force in Andhra Pradesh state. Youth are going mad for him. Even the middle class people feel that Pawan Kalyan is an honest man. During the recent agitations in Seemandhra region, many felt that Pawan Kalyan can be the leader to lead them. A political analyst said “Pawan Kalyan may not float a new party after closely looking at the fate of Chiranjeevi’s party. He may join with some existing party and he is not a great supporter of Congress party. So he will have to choose between TDP and YSRCP. If that’s the case, he will definitely go with TDP as Pawan openly opposed YSR’s administration during 2009 election campaign. Recently I have seen few hoardings being erected for Attarintiki Daredi movie by TDP leaders. Have you seen TDP leaders supporting Pawan Kalyan’s movie in the past? I am not saying that these things have a role to play. But we can’t ignore them too. After hearing to what Pawan Kalyan spoke at Attarintiki Daredi function, I can sense that the actor is planning to enter politics very soon. He may or may not do that immediately. But the rumors about his meetings with media barons and other indications do give us an idea about where the star hero is heading..!”