Pawan is a joker & mentally unstable

Posted : March 15, 2014 at 7:56 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Maybe for the first time after many years, some of the Telangana leaders were given a dress down by a man who is not a politician. He is none other than Pawan Kalyan and during the launch of his party Janasena, he blasted Congress and TRS leaders.

Now, the retaliation has begun with the Congress leaders scolding Pawan in all ways possible. First in the list is Shabbir Ali who has called Pawan a joker and someone who is mentally unstable. He also called him a ‘Bacha’. Some of them have also brought out the issue of an illicit affair that Pawan had and how he had to marry that woman after her father came in.
They have told Pawan sternly to stop dreaming and get into some reality. The Congress leader Mallu Bhattivikramarka gave another term to Pawan as ‘Baby Crow’. This is not surprising because even Pawan also announced how he will be scolded by his opponents and he was ready for it. Will he give a counter or not has to be seen.