Pawan, First Brand Ambassador of A Soft Drink!

Posted : November 27, 2013 at 9:37 am IST by ManaTelugu

It is a known thing that some of the star heroes in tollywood are endorsing the brands of some reputed companies. They endorse the products such as Soft drinks, jewelleries, Soaps, motor vehicles etc.

However, it was Power Star Pawan kalyan, who is said to be the pioneer in brand endorsements among tollywood heroes. Long ago, when he delivered an industry hit ‘Khushi’, he was approached by ‘Pepsi’ soft drink company with a handsome offer, seeking pawan kalyan to endorse their product. Subsequently, pawan kalyan emerged as the first hero in tollywood to have got endorsed a corporate company’s brand.

It is heard that some of the anti fans are creating a sort of confusion among pawan kalyan’s fans claiming that pawan kalyan has never endorsed any brand like his brother Chiranjeevi and other heroes. But the fact is that pawan kalyan is the first hero of tollywood to have endorsed a corporate product. Currently, he is getting innumerable offers from different companies. But then, it is interesting to see whether he accepts doing the ads or not.