Pawan’s ‘Janasena’ Can’t Create Wonders?

Posted : August 19, 2014 at 1:07 am IST by ManaTelugu


Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘janasena’ will soon be getting recognized by the election commission of India. “Chances for ‘janasena’ appear to be bleak to create wonders,” an opinion expressed by the political analysts. They have gone through several options for ‘janasena’ to be survived and in all of them, ‘janasena’ might not live upto fans’ expectations. Here goes the analysis.

* IF janasena CONTINUES ITS SUPPORT TO THE TDP AND THE BJP: In this case ‘janasena’ never creates an impact as a full-fledged political party. Moreover, TDP in the state and the BJP at the center may face anti-incumbency in the next general elections. As such, supporting above political parties would be a suicidal attempt for any political party. Even if the parties get victory, chances of Pawan Kalyan getting key posts are written off.

* IF janasena DEVELOPED AS A REGIONAL POLITICAL PARTY WITHOUT EXTENDING SUPPORT TO ANYBODY: In this case, as usually, caste biased and political biased media spill the venom on janasena’, as they had got great experience doing it with Chiranjeevi’s led PRP. People, obviously, believe in the words of the media and thus janasena might show miserable performance in the elections

* ANY CHANCES SUPPORTING THE CONGRESS OR THE YSRCP?: No way it seems to be possible.

* TO QUESTION THE GOVERNMENTS WITHOUT CONTESTING ELECTIONS: Pawan Kalyan will not get any key positions as a politician. He remains to be the sacrifier in politics.This is not the wish of his fans.

Despite all the above odds, it will not be written off ‘janasena’ emerge as the winner in state’s politics.