Pawan attacks Govt. What’s up?

Posted : March 2, 2014 at 4:58 pm IST by ManaTelugu

pawan kalyan

Pawan Kalyan, the man who always exhibits his true feelings on many occasions, has once again proved that he is master of stroke play. His stroke this time is on the ruling governments in India, and its states. Without out delay, let us see what Pawan said.

“Health facilities are not available to all in our country. Our governments and politicians who should provide such facilities related to health are always busy making politics,” said Pawan, taking  a dig at politicians ruling the country. Pawan tried to highlight the plight of poor health facilities in India. He made these comments while launching the Hrudaya Spandana Foundation’s charity event- ‘Walk for Heart, Reach for Heart’

Pawan was quick to add that the help of these charity institutions is appreciable. “It is these charity institutions that do the needful regarding health facilities. Today I’m here to confirm that I’m always with these charity institutions that work for a cause.”

What is more stunning in Pawan’s short speech is the way he agreed about division of Andhra Pradesh into AP and Telangana. “Our state, oh, our states, as we are divided now…,” Pawan said, starting his speech, sending youths into shouts. In a way, it seems like Pawan Kalyan has accepted the bifurcation both practically and emotionally. Now the big question is Will Kalyan set to comeback to politics to set things right? Let’s hope so!