Pawan asks who is Chrianjeevi in AD Dialogue Conversation?

Posted : September 27, 2013 at 6:17 am IST by ManaTelugu

There have been wide rumours about the relation of actor-brothers Chrianjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. Adding fuel to those speculations, Pawan’s dialogue in his latest film Atharintiki Daredhi has raised many eyebrows.

There is a scene where MS Narayana explains the mannerisms of car drivers to millionaire-turned-driver Gautham Nanda enacted by Pawan Kalyan in the film. MS Narayana who plays Balu, Gautham’s assistant in the film, shows the clippings of old films…

The first comes in the list is Sr NTR, followed by Akkineni Nageswara Rao and then comes Chiranjeevi. The moot point is Pawan quickly reacts after watching Chiru and asks MS Narayana “Who is he? That’s not all. There’s more.

Here is the dialogue conversation between MS Narayana and Pawan Kalyan:

Gautham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan): “Eeyanu Evaru?” (Who is he?)

Balu (MS Narayana): “Chiranjeevi ani….” (He is Chiranjeevi)

Gautham Nanda: “Oh…Acting bane chestunnadu. Ippudem chestunnaru?” (Oh..His acting is good. What is he doing now?)

Balu: “Maanesaru” (He has quit)

Gautham: “Enduku” (Why?)

Balu: “Valla Abbayi Chestunnadu ippudu” (Now, his son is doing it)

Looks like, Pawan has categorically delivered the above dialogues hinting that everything is not in place between Mega brothers. Also, others say that one should  not read in between the lines mouthed by Power Star. Let’s wait and watch.