Parties’ political spy games

Posted : October 16, 2012 at 6:32 am IST by ManaTelugu
It is common for opposition parties to try and derive mileage from the mistakes committed by ruling party. AP state for long used to have only two parties which used to enjoy power alternately. However scenes have changed and now there are many powerful parties that are playing spoilsport with their dreams and aspirations. YSRCP emerged powerful player which started taking on both ruling Cong and opposition TDP singlehandedly. It started to be in the forefront in whatever may be the issue of public importance like fees protests, power dharnas and even padayatras.

However this led to new scenario as the moment YSRCP started announcing protest programs in 3-4 days time, TDP used to start protests on the same issue the very next day. This competition even in protests is something new which people of the state are witnessing. Insiders reveal that since TDP is getting information about the strategies and plans of YSRCP before hand through its spies, it started its protests and yatras before the party.

Sources say that even CBN started his padayatara after getting confirmed reports that YSRCP was planning for a grand padayatra soon. Now anyway Sharmila is countering him. YSRCP leaders say that Jagan planned for a massive yatra with the confidence that he would get a bail. However with TDP getting info about his yatra launched the similar program with its leader. Now sources say that with Sharmila entering fray, Babu may extend his yatra.