Paritala Sriram branded Rowdy Sheeter

Posted : January 13, 2013 at 7:18 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Son of Late Paritala Ravi and Raptadu MLA Paritala Sunita, Paritala Sriram is going to be charged with Rowdy Sheet. Dharmavaram police has announced that they are going to open a rowdy sheet on Sriram. It was news that police were searching for Sriram, who was alleged with murder accusations on Congress leader of Dharmavaram Kamireddy pally Sudhakar reddy. He got an anticipatory bail from district court and submitted to CI Narsingappa for not to be arrested.

While everything went silent, responding on this case on Saturday, DSP Nawaz khan mentioned that they are going to open rowdy sheet on 15 members including Paritala Sriram as part of this case. He admitted that, in the Sudhakar reddy’s attemptive murder case, they are going to investigate the Kadiri assembly member too. But the future of Sriram will be in stake, if a rowdy sheet is opened on him as the police are planning.