Pakistan and China Create a Problem to Teja

Posted : July 13, 2013 at 1:46 pm IST by ManaTelugu
When Gopichand goes all the way to Pakistan for treasure hunt and goofs up with Pakistan people in ‘Sahasam,’ Censor has no problem but when Teja pens the actual line of Pakistan and China as enemies for India in a comic sense, there is a problem. All this was happened at ‘1000 abaddalu’ Censor show when Board member Dhanalakshmi opposed the one line of Naga Babu which comes as per the situational demand.

‘The issue is resolved when I supported them with paper cuttings to show on how were the stands of Pakistan and China towards India,’ Teja said. Finally, keeping the intensity of such dialogues, Censor offered the film U/A certificate. Apparently, movie is reported to have got no skin show, no blood shed yet U/A. Finally, movie is arriving in theatres with in this month depending upon the time gap between big releases scheduled for coming weeks.