Opposing bandhs not anti Telangana

Posted : September 23, 2012 at 11:14 am IST by ManaTelugu
People, political parties and groups who are calling for bandhs and rastarokos demanding formation of Telangana are branding anyone who are opposing bandhs as anti telangana and even going to the extent of assaulting them putting their lives in danger. They are not realizing the fact that there are many lives which are dependent on daily wages and whenever bandhs and rasta rokos are called and organized they lose their earnings.
The protesters counter these point saying all those people are prepared to give their lives for the cause of telangana and are willing to face any eventuality. Those people who are making such points eat the delicious dishes of their mother and sleep well in their houses before arriving to conduct hartals and rastarokos. General opinion among public is before making any such statements they should experience the trials and tribulations of daily wage earners.
Many say though their hearts are for telangana they can not survive unless until they get their daily wages. When Jai Prakash Narayan of Loksatta Party tried to raise their issue TRS and Harish Rao became furious and hurled mike at him. Many are heard commenting how can Harish Rao know the situation of poor as he spent most of his time in US.