An Open letter to Chiranjeevi!

Posted : March 17, 2014 at 4:02 pm IST by ManaTelugu
With due respect sir,

I’m writing to you after deeply saddened with your yesterday’s comments on Mr Pawan Kalyan and his newly born Jana Sena Party. I’d like to tell you that you have no moral right to question Pawan Kalyan. Well, he might be directly related to you. But in public domain, Pawan is way ahead and far better than you. And here are my reasons. Pawan is fighting for people, fighting for justice, fighting for common man unlike you. No matter, what is the path he has chosen but he stick to his principles which you haven’t done. I’d have appreciate you if you would have at least try to follow Pawan but in vain.

Your statement on Pawan’s Jana sena is bolt out of the blue. You’re asking him ‘clarity’ in his policies, ideology, agenda of Jana Sena which is just born. Sir, Why didn’t you ask the same ‘clarity’ from your age-old Congress party in various important issues? Why didn’t you ask the same ‘clarity’ in developing new capital to successor state of AP? Why didn’t you ask the same ‘clarity’ on what is the actual amount of funds going to be allotted to the new state of AP? Why didn’t you ask the same ‘clarity’ in most-defective AP Reorganization Bill 2013 (which does need few constitutional amendments)? Why didn’t you ask the same ‘clarity’ with your Congress party that who is going to be your party’s Prime Ministerial candidate (as elections is just 47 days away)? Why didn’t you ask your party about the ‘clarity’ on what is going to be the new capital city? Why didn’t you ask your party about the ‘clarity’ in umpteen scams, scandals (From 2G, 3G, Coal-block allocations, Common Wealth Games scam to recent naval fiascoes)?

You’ve been reiterating that Congress is the last one to take a call in AP bifurcation. The very statement itself says that Congress is late! Above all, Pawan Kalyan and many others are questioning the “process of division” and “the way defective bill is haphazardly passed in Parliament amidst blackout”. I’m sure you agree that your own party Congress is in power. Hence, for the “process” of State division, Congress alone should be blamed. Since you’re in the party and you’re Union Minister in Manmohan Singh’s cabinet, you can’t escape the blame. You’re dubbing Pawan Kalyan as “emotional”. I’d like to tell you that all the youths, across the nation, have similar anger, emotion, outburst against Congress. Mr Pawan Kalyan has just reflected us. Pawan is just mirror image to us.

Coming to Mr Pawan Kalyan, he may or may not become a superstar without you. That doesn’t mean he should back you in all ‘sins’, ‘historical blunders’ and ‘faux paus’ you commit. There is a popular dialogue in Pawan’s Panjaa: “Sayam pondina vadu Kruthagnatha chupinchakapodam entha Thappo, Sayam chesina vadu kruthagnatha korukodam kuda anthe Thappu”. Pawan Kalyan, has strictly followed this. Pawan has given due respect to you including in his Friday speech. He openly stated that you’re his father figure. He shielded you his best although he has every possibility to make you red-faced. What you have done is non-negotiable and non-pardanoble. The day before Pawan’s Friday meet, you send in your another brother Naga Babu to send a video message to your fans openly stating not to support Pawan. The very next day after Pawan’s speech, you yourself came out in open to criticize his party and asking him ‘clarity’. People are closely watching everything.

Since you’re in public domain, I’ve every right to criticize you no matter what your fans (if there are anyone still) say. Since I voted you in 2009, I’ve every right to question you for betraying us and merging with Congress. What is the social-justice you have attained after merging PRP into Congress? What is social-justice according to you sir? Is Rajya Sabha seat and Union Minister post mean social-justice?

Yesterday, your colleague-former state minister Dokka Manikya Varaprasad stated that Pawan cannot be Chiru’s successor in politics and stated that he and others (present Congress leaders from Seemandhra) are the true successors. We totally agree with you DOkka. Pawan won’t be part of such worst legacy. You’re all opportunistic politicians who’re still backing Congress as you don’t have any alternative for your political career. Your political career is more important for you than people. You’re all politicians whereas Pawan Kalyan is a statesman (as he stated that position, power are very minute things to him).

At last, Mr Chiranjeevi, people are fed-up with your 125-yr-old party. Your party is old, sick and gone with the wind. You and your party is now history. We want new blood. We want new political parties and new politics. The need of the hour is “New politics for new generation”. I sincerely, suggest you to retire from politics. Why because, respect on you has been decreasing day-by-day. Or at least, now you should quit Congress without a thought and may join Jana Sena Party if Pawan accepts you (As he stated that there is no chance for jumpers). It’s better late, than never. History, people won’t forgive you for being part of blunders. Time will tell everything.