One more Mega hush up?

Posted : June 9, 2013 at 7:35 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Union minister Chiranjeevi has been facing a series of headaches from members of the Mega family, who are also celebrities ever since he joined the politics. The former Mega Star who was recently embarrassed by the roadside tiff his son and hero Ram Charan picked up, is now facing another controversy when his brother-in-law Allu Aravind’s son and debutant hero Allu Sirish’s name figured in a drunken brawl in a Pub in Jubilee Hills. It caused quite an embarrassment to the family as the woman who complained against him happened to be a disco jacky (DJ). Though media reports said Allu Sirish was among the 3 drunken youth who harassed the woman, he is claiming that he did not know that woman at all.

Chiranjeevi is known to be a very soft-natured person, who was never known to have hurt anyone. Still he became the target of attacks and controversies after he joined politics. He has been facing some controversy or the other. On the early days of his political career, his daughter’s love issue became a big topic of discussion in the entire state. Now two incidents involving his son Ram Charan and nephew Sirish have caused unnecessary embarrassment to him at a time when he was reportedly aspiring for the post of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

It may be recalled that his son Mega Power Star Ram Charan was charged of having two IT professional beaten up by his guards at the Taj Krishna hotel in Hyderabad recently.  Though the IT professionals initially charged Ram Charan of having them beaten up, they later apparently compromised and told the media that it was not a serious incident. Ram Charan on his part has alleged that the youth themselves behaved improperly and had later apologized. Then it was said that Chiranjeevi used his influence as Union Minister and his Mega Power to have the case hushed up. Several people in the film industry also said though Ram Charan was not at fault, as a celebrity, he should not have turned emotional and joined an issue with passers by on a road.

Now a fresh allegation was made against Allu Sirish, upcoming hero of the Mega family. When some youth harassed a woman in a pub at Jubilee Hills on Saturday at around midnight, some how the name of Sirish came out. Several TV channels said the woman complaineed against a film hero and deduced that it was Allu Sirish. However, police had not confirmed about the infovement of Sirish.  Sirish also said he did not know any such woman and there was no truth in reports that he was among the group that had misbehaved with the lady. Stating that his name was mentioned by mistake, Sirish lamented that it became common for dragging celebrities into unnecessary controversies. He said he only spent half-an-hour in the pub and had not entered into any controversy with anyone during the time. He requested the media not to drag him into unnecessary controversies.

Despite Sirish’s clarification, it is being said that Mega Power was once again used to hush up this case also.