One more heroine caught in a live operation

Posted : February 1, 2014 at 7:28 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Heroines interested in money are making their profession as a different league and planning some other wild plans which can bring them easy money. Film industry is a place where they boldly show case the reality of Prostitutes and prostitution on screen without any limitations saying story demands.

But heroines are the once who get inspired with those rather than normal audience, A Kannada actress is caught live on TV9 string operation. She is caught with all proofs and left no option than arguing that she is not the one in camera. Names of this star are not revealed but news and video buzz is out about this.
Well same thing happened in Swetha Basu Prasad case as she is also caught live on TV channels and she said that her replica is used to damage her fame. Loving their professions is completely turning to love on money which is making young girls to attract to this field. Well no one cares to watch a Porn star Sunny leone and they feel ashamed to see a actress caught on live prostitution.