Oka Criminal Prema Katha Movie Review – 1/5

Posted : July 19, 2014 at 1:26 am IST by ManaTelugu


Cast: Manoj Nandam, Anil Kalyan, Priyanka Pallavi, Sathyanand etc

Rating : 1/5

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: P Suneel Kumar Reddy

Music: Praveen Immadi

Camera: Sabu James

Editing: Archana Anand

Producer: Yakkali Ravindra Babu

Date: 18-07-2014

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Oka Criminal Prema Katha Movie Review

Movie Story

Movie starts with Seenu (Manoj Nandam) attacking Bindu (Priyanka Pallavi) with acid. While Seenu is sent to jail, Bindu is rushed to hospital. Flashback is flashed in Seenu’s narration.

Seenu works in a photo studio in small village. He starts adoring a girl Bindu and this turns a two sided love over a period of time. In denouncing plight, Bindhu’s family shifts to Vizag where she senses domestic abuse from her uncle (Sathyanand). She has no option but to abide by her uncle’s torture. Hence, she avoids boyfriend Seenu who joins to work in Bindu’s college canteen.

Depressed with Bindu’s behavior, Seenu attempts suicide. Bindu then reveals bad experiences with her uncle and Seenu settles on to finish off Bindu’s uncle.

Why Seenu pours acid on Bindu? What’s the right validation Bindu’s uncle got in end?

Movie Advantages

Nothing muchMovie Drawbacks

1. P Suneel Kumar Reddy’s story, screenplay, direction

2. Over dosage of adult content

3. Lack of entertainment


P Suneel Kumar Reddy is known for making youth oriented adult entertainers. The director also demonstrates a strong message through his films as seen in past Gangaputhrulu, Oka Romantic Crime Katha. Withal, what’s wrong in them is, he focuses more on comprising of adult stuff overshadowing the actual message.

In Oka Criminal Prema Katha, director Suneel wanted to convey the message of child and domestic abuse in India. These sorts of subjects are to be dealt sagaciously else meaning of the content changes wholly. If Suneel’s main intention was to pass on useful message, what is the necessary of adding excessive adult stuff? He crossed the bar of vulgarity, may be to please youth.

Suneel has directed many films; still he handled this film immaturely. After showing lot of filthy stuff, a delicate message is conveyed only in the end.

Sathyanand who trained most of top heroes in Tollywood might have thought of showing all his acting expertise in a grey role. His episodes are intolerable for any section of audience. Did this senior citizen and his director forget the basic morals of healthy universal film making? We can’t accept this role in any manner. Though we may see such evil minded crooked people randomly in our society, Suneel Kumar should have opted credibility to his script with diluted episodes dealing on domestic abuse and should have deusealt convincingly.

Manoj Nandam and Priyanka Pallavi were okay. Anil Kalyan was good at times. Other artists played their parts decently. Praveen Immadi provided decent background score and songs are easily forgettable. Sabu James’s camera work is not noteworthy.

Overall, Oka Criminal Prema Katha is a B Grade adult movie to discomfort all sections. Better, avoid this movie and families, home makers… do not think of this one.

Movie Result: Disaster

Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): Oka Director Boothu Katha