NTR’s kin insulting him

Posted : September 14, 2012 at 4:36 am IST by ManaTelugu
Controversy over installation of TDP founder NTR statue is not dying down. While land has been allotted at parliamentary central hall, Delhi long time back the undue delay in the installation of statue is shocking everyone. Allegations are flying thick and fast and TDP say it is Union Minister and NTR’s own daughter Purandareeswari who is stalling the statue so that TDP chief Chandra Babu do not get any mileage over the whole issue. TDP leaders say they have written letter to central govt long time back requesting them for the permission for the statue. They say that all the family members of NTR signed except for Purandareeswari. They say they met her personally and requested her to sign on the letter, but she chose to be adamant and did not sign the letter.
However sources from Purandareeswari say that TDP is playing politics over the issue and their leaders never approached her at any time. They say their leaders sent the letter directly to Govt, fully aware that unless until they get the sign of Purandareeswari, things will not move ahead. Instead they chose to send it to Govt, only to score brownie points. However many feel that in this political battle for mileage over the whole issue, the great leader who bought name and fame to Andhra Pradesh state has been insulted for years.