‘NTR’ used and thrown as tissue paper

Posted : September 17, 2012 at 7:26 am IST by ManaTelugu

NTR! The mere mention of name makes any telugu speaking person’s chest bulge in pride. He was the one who bought immense world wide recognition to telugu film industry with his sensational acting. Even now when any one remembers Lord Rama, Krishna and other mythological characters his towering personality and Godly grace and elegance appear infront of them. He popularized even negative characters in mythology leaving all spellbound with his thought provoking dialogues. It is not a understatement when one says that even now tollywood do not have the star of caliber of NTR who can deliver dialogues with so much ease, power and elegance.
His popularity is not just confined to film industry. He took on the might of Congress and inability of Cong CM to stand up to its Delhi high command, invoking the pride of Andhra people. Even now people say stories of his speeches and he was the one who set a trend by starting ‘padayatras’ and ‘rathyatras’ which all politicians taking shelter in.
However even his own party TDP and his family members ill treated him and after his shocking demise, they started using his name and fame as and when required and then throwing it in dustbin like tissue paper. Cong did not felicitate him with Bharat Ratna or other awards given in recognition for excellence in acting while lesser known mortals are felicitated with awards. But suddenly Tollywood fraternity show love on him while expecting his name would derive the desired benefits for them. Even TDP is invoking NTR statue issue at Parliament, conveniently forgetting the same for a decade. NTR’s daughter Purandreeswari a Union Minister, do not want to hurt her Delhi bosses fighting for her father’s legacy.