NTR doesn’t mention family?

Posted : September 4, 2014 at 2:17 am IST by ManaTelugu


Even though, Rabhasa is a not a blockbuter, but it could go down as one of NTR’s movies, that doesn’t mention the name of Nandamuri family or his grand father N T Rama Rao. In most of his movies, he would take pride in reminding his strong lineage and how his bloodline, make him ferocious and fearless, but surprisingly, no such mention in his latest, (did that disappoint nandamuri fans).

“Even in Baadshah appeared in the get up of Justice Chowdary and also danced to the tunes of his iconic grand pa in a marriage sequence but in his latest release, he does’nt take the illustrious name not even once” says a source, who feels that that could be ‘one of the missing links’ between the star and his fans. Do dropping of collections have to do anything with NTR avoiding ‘illustrious lineage’ or its just weak script that is unable to draw crowds?