NTR Better Opener Than Mahesh!

Posted : August 21, 2014 at 7:29 am IST by ManaTelugu


Considering the recent success track record and opening stamina of mega heroes, almost all the opening day, first weekend and first week’s records are written on their names. As such, they are treated as the best openers of tollywood. But then, who stands next as the best opener after mega heroes? According to the trade reports, Young Tiger ntr stands the best opener though another big star Prince Mahesh has great success track record than ntr recently. This can be analysed through their movies ‘Dammu- Businessman’ and ‘Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu-Baadshah’.Checkout the analysis.

* BUSINESSMAN-DAMMU: ‘Businessman’ was released during Sankranthi of 2012 and ‘Dammu’ hit the screens during summer season of the same year. Both the movies were released in equal number of theaters with same ticket price. ‘Dammu’, despite utter flop talk and despite Balakrishna’s fans negative propaganda, managed to collect Rs.7.39 crores on the day one of its release in AP alone. ‘Businessman’, although, got hit talk, could succeed in collecting Rs.6.95 crores only. Rated as a flop movie, ‘Dammu’ finally collected Rs.34 crores share while ‘Businessman’ collected Rs.38+ crores in its full run.

* SVSC-BAADSHAH: ‘SVSC’ was released for Sankranthi and ‘Baadshah’ was released for summer in 2013. ‘SVSC’ with super hit talk collected Rs.6.78 crores on the first day in AP alone. Having got above average talk, ‘Baadshah’ collected Rs.8.87 crores on the day one of its release. The closing businesses of both the movies are Rs.51+ cr, and Rs.45+ crores respectively. Interestingly ‘Baadshah’ ran 50 days in more number of centers than ‘SVSC’. ‘Baadshah’ ran 50 days in 51 direct centers while SVSC ran 50 days in 45 direct centers.

* Although running a lean pace of career with a series of failures, ntr has got above records. And this is just an indication of his ‘Mass Power’. What if his movie gets a blockbuster talk on the day of its release? Records will certainly be broken, won’t they?