Not ‘Pilla Kaaki’…NTR is ‘Pilla Puli’

Posted : March 19, 2013 at 9:32 pm IST by ManaTelugu
No secrets, yesterday’s N-TV program of ‘Pilla Kaaki’ on junior ntr is a direct and scathing attack. One would really wonder on how can editors and channel management be lopsided in giving a nod for airing such biased programs without worried on reactions from public and Fans. Exactly at the same moment when NTR’s charisma is covered with the smoke of Fans death at ‘Baadshah’ audio release event, ‘Pilla Kaaki’ is timed deliberately to white-wash both his political and filmy career.   

However, the hardcore Fans of Nandamuri Family and particularly those admirers of Tarak’s performance as a Hero in films are angered by hidden promoters of the program. ‘If the episode is really aired buying the slot paying huge money by any of the TDP leaders, they should understand one point. Without junior ntr, there is no way TDP can go for next elections. He is the prime face to campaign for Naidu because one strong hit either with ‘Baadshah’ or Harish Shankar’s film can make this ‘Pilla Kaaki’ to become a ‘Pilla Puli.’ So, it is better for channels to stop airing such shows,’ one of the NTR Fans opined.