No Gangnam for Charan?

Posted : December 28, 2012 at 6:08 am IST by ManaTelugu
Ram Charan Teja is not going to be seen dancing the ‘Gangnam Style’ any time soon and definitely not in his forthcoming film ‘Nayak’. The dance style by a Korean pop star PSY took the world by a storm when the video of the dance went viral online a few months ago. Since then several celebrities have imitated the style at various occasion.Ram Charan Teja is practicing other moves for now…His fans are going to be disappointed with this news but the wait to see their favourite hero do the Gangnam Style just got longer.

“Charan is not doing any Gangnam Style number in ‘Nayak’,” said a from the production house. Charan is passionate about dance and loves to watch various forms of dance styles says the source. “He keeps abreast of all dancing styles and moves and could try this Korean style in his upcoming movies,” he adds