No Basic K’ledge; But Comment on Chiru n Fans

Posted : September 19, 2014 at 3:52 am IST by ManaTelugu


There are a section of people, who strongly believe that the former union minister Chiranjeevi shattered the hopes of a youth politician emerging as a big leader of the congress party. From then on, they have been crying on Chiranjeevi. Whenever there is any happening, they try to take it as an opportunity and try to comment Chiranjeevi, though they know nothing about the subject.

This is about Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s ‘Govindhudu Andarivadele’ movie’s audio launch we are talking about. With their logic less analysis they commented that Chiranjeevi lost all of his charisma and Pawan Kalyan’s fans humiliated Chiranjeevi during the audio launch shouting for their hero’s name repeatedly.

However, fact is that some exclusive Ram Charan’s fans wished to get all the entry passes to occupy the auditorium. But Chiranjeevi has reportedly felt it would lead unnecessary split of mega fans. That’s why Ram Charan’s fans got just 450 entry passes and all other passes were issued to Pawan Kalyan’s fans and obviously, they were high in number in the audio launch and more shouts in favour of Pawan Kalyan. If more passes were issued to Ram Charan’s fans, the situation could be completely different. Wish Chiranjeevi‘s detractors should get some basic knowledge before slinging mud on Chiranjeevi.