Nithya Menon molested on the sets

Posted : September 24, 2013 at 6:11 am IST by ManaTelugu

Actress Nithya Menon was molested on the sets and the actress broke down in tears. Nothing to worry as this is part of her upcoming film Malini 22 in which she plays a rape victim.

Initially, Nithya was tense when she was approached by actress-turned-director Supriya with this hard-hitting film as she is the one who gets deeply involved in the roles she play. After much thought, the actress signed the project though it’s a disturbing script and deals with everything that’s related to sexual assault. She felt it was her way of fighting against the social evils but it was really tough for her while shooting those scenes.

During the shoot of molestation sequence, Nithya broke down into tears. However, she asked the director to go ahead with the shoot and make it look as violent as possible for appearing realistic.

Nithya Menon claims she always preferred performance oriented roles over exposing to reach the top position and money was never her priority while choosing scripts. These are the aspects which set her apart from the bunch of actresses who were open to do anything for Box Office.