Newspaper’s Target: chiranjeevi

Posted : April 26, 2013 at 7:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Number one newspaper of the state seems to have targeted Union Minister Dr.chiranjeevi’s tourism ministry. Some days ago, the newspaper reported a baseless news on tourism’s losses in the state. Straightaway, chiranjeevi came up with statistical evidences showing the development of tourism in the state and the same newspaper published the statistics. However, the newspaper this time came up a different statistical evidences to prove that the number of tourists in the state decreased in the month of March comparing with February. Strangely, the newspaper has taken the number of tourists from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport only but not from railway stations and bus stations.


* For the benefits of the political party that it supports. In future the party’s leaders may criticize chiranjeevi showing the newspaper’s report.

* To hamper the chances of chiranjeevi to go to the next level from the present position.

WHAT SHOULD chiranjeevi DO?

* The fluctuations in the number of tourists are quite common for every month. chiranjeevi should come up with clear statistical evidences of tourism development, especially, in the state and make sure that his data to be published by the same newspaper highlighting the matter.