New twist: Uday Kiran’s manager reveals!

Posted : January 9, 2014 at 6:06 pm IST by ManaTelugu

While actor Uday Kiran’s suicide and mystery behind the reasons continue to puzzle police, fans and media, here is the latest twist to the case. Contrary to police version that Uday died because of his ‘financial woes and lack of offers’, Uday Kiran’s personal manager Munna made it clear that none of the above are real reasons behind the star’s suicide.

Speaking to a news channel, Munna sets the record straight. ‘I have taken the money and Uday has nothing to do with it. In fact, the lady (lender) who gave the money is cool. I don’t know how this unrelated issue has been projected as reason for Uday’s suicide.’

‘Uday Kiran is absolutely fine with ups and downs in his career and always take them in same stride. He is bold enough to face the issues. In fact, he was about to sign a movie on Monday and producer Babji was supposed to give him advance. I thing something seriously went wrong in his life that might have forced him to take extreme step,’ Munna added.

Munna said, ‘Uday was so keen on ‘Damit Kadha Addam Tirigindi’ movie and he himself sit on the story for five months and finalized it. He too extra care on this film and finalized all the tunes and lyrics. He wanted to have a grand launch of the film in Chennai as he believed it might open more doors for him in Tamil. And we did launch it grandly there. So, there is no question of career issues.’

Raising an interesting topic, Munna said, ‘Allari Naresh, Nani and there are many other friends for Uday in film industry and they all love him very much. If Uday was really in neck-deep financial troubles, he would have approached anyone of his friends who are always willing to help Uday and money in Lakhs for them is not a big deal. In fact, Uday tried for a few producers for the film Damit Kadha Addamga Tirigindi but they wanted to do with him another subjects. On his insistence, I turned into producer along with the help of my friends.’

Talking about Uday’s personality, Munna said, ‘He is always a fighter and quite confident. He preaches good things and really very nice man. He never bothered about other people in industry and not involved in anyone’s matters.’

Veering towards Uday’s relationship with his wife Vishitha, Munna said, ‘They both were happy couple when I last met them. But I don’t know what happened in between them meanwhile.’

With this whole focus now shifted to ‘troublesome relation’ between Uday Kiran and his counterpart Vishitha. Police also confirmed that Uday had tiff with Vishitha on the day of his suicide over breakfast. And there are many unanswered questions like whether Uday knew that Vishitha was going out to party? Did he give consent? Where did she go exactly? Why didn’t she answer Uday’s calls and turn up late in night? These need to be looked into.