Negative wave for Hansika

Posted : August 26, 2013 at 7:22 am IST by ManaTelugu

Apple-pie beauty Hansika laughed it out heartily over the rumors of she entering the Big Boss house during its latest season. Clarifying that such shows aren’t her cup of tea, she claimed to be extremely busy with film commitments to think about reality shows.

The gorgeous babe reacted: “Haha. Heard the news that I’m coming in Big Boss! Really? Then who’s gonna complete my films???? I like watching Big Boss but I can’t part of this show. Not my cup of tea! Extremely busy doing good movies. Rumours RIP” .

In a way, Hansika conveyed the message that shows like Big Boss are meant for the people who have neared dead-end in their profession and not for most sought after actresses like her. Is this a case of success gone to head? For the first time ever, she has spoken a bit too much than what it was actually needed and has been facing a negative wave in return. She will have to deal with the millions of admirers of Salman Khan who is hosting the show since few seasons and the only one behind its remarkable TRPs.