Nayak controversy still on

Posted : January 17, 2013 at 6:19 am IST by ManaTelugu
Controversy on Nayak is still burning. Ex-MLA Gandi babji has raised an objection on the movie Nayak for using his name to the villain in the film. He even lodged a complaint against this act in Gandi peta police station. He mentioned on Tuesday in front of the media that on learning that villain in this film carries his name, the day next to the release of the film, he called the director V.V.Vinayak and expressed his objection on using the name and the director promised that they will remove the name.
But he lodged a complaint in P.S. on five members who are related to the movie saying that they removed only the surname and used the original name Babji still being the villain in the movie. Villain being a bad person doing land mafia, corruption and illegal things is a cinematic element but the villain character in this film doing all these things in his name is very insulting. Even my followers and well-wishers felt the same about the name in the film, he admitted. It has been one week since the film is released, but the name is not removed yet, he complained.