Naughty beauty Amala amazed Nayak

Posted : January 10, 2013 at 12:37 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The moment Nayak is announced all eyes are on Magadheera pair Ram Charan and Kajal. When the film hit the screens many went mad over the beautiful chemistry between Cherry and Kajus.

However Ram Charan speaking to media said naughty beauty Amala Paul amazed him with her performance after much prodding. At first he was not willing to comeout of his preferences or analysis on the performances of both the heroines but later said “Oh! They are both fabulous actors and I get along very well with both of them. Kajal is a seasoned actress and we all know what a performer she is. But I was honestly surprised with Amala, as I had never worked with her before and was a little unsure as to how she would be. But as it turns out, she is very good,” .

He said dual role is a bit difficult in the sense with two heroines arround and getting right costumes. He says “I don’t think I’ve ever changed so many costumes for a movie, especially when shooting for the songs. I had to change my clothes every hour. We’d first shoot a sequence with Amala Paul and then change costumes for a sequence with Kajal. Then my director would say, ‘can we re-shoot that bit with Amala again?’ I don’t think I am acting in a two-heroine film again in the near future,”