Narayana’s story about Cong Criminal Gang

Posted : October 9, 2012 at 12:13 pm IST by ManaTelugu
CPI Narayana will be calm going till he gets an issue to derive political mileage. Tearing into Cong and even TRS chief KCR, he said while state Cong political bigwigs are behaving as gang of criminals, KCR who is keen on merging his party with Cong, is popular for going to uninvited party. He took potshots at KCR, saying he loves going to parties and discussions uninvited.He blasted Cong MPs from telangana enacted a drama and trying to meet CM while T March was going on else where.
Narayana blasted KCR for uninvited discussions. He revaeled that KCR got ready wearing a silk saree and after sleeping in Delhi, he came back and tried to make people for granted. He says KCR is twisting facts as if he don’t stop saying telangana will come now and then changing the deadline to his convenience. Narayana said T people will be up in arms and if KCR continues then day is not far when KCR gets beaten black and blue It has to be seen whether KCR changes his tracks and strategies to come with a new game plan rather than just issuing statements on Telangana becoming laughing stock in front of telangana people.