Nani to flaunt Paisa look

Posted : February 27, 2013 at 10:41 am IST by ManaTelugu
“Entire mankind is dependent on money. Today’s world is depended on money. This is the main theme of our movie.” says Krishna Vamsi. In his direction, Nani is making a film titled “Paisa”.Krishna Vamsi says that “ This story is of modern times. After the writing of story, I thought Nani is the correct match for this. Nani’s action in this movie will make the audience have goosebumps. I done my best for showing Nani as new as possible. After many days I’ve had a good experience with a good actor.”

Nani says that “Krishna Vamsi is my Favourite director. In his all films he has a moral.”. If we ask is there any need to give moral? Then he says,” as a citizen its our duty. This movie also contains a deep moral.”. Producer Ramesh says that “This movie is in between nature. Nani acted very well.I thought that, I am making a good movie in my career.”