Nandini Reddy’s mass copying !

Posted : February 28, 2013 at 7:57 pm IST by ManaTelugu
When Ala Modalaindi turned out to be a super hit Nandini Reddy became an overnight star. Even many top heroes sent signals of starring in her direction but she chose to wait before she took the new film.

Her film Jabardasth hit the screens recently and though she clamined in interview that it was inspired by the climax of Ala Modalaindi and theme of Band Baja Baarat, those who watched found out that it was free make of Band Baja Baarat.

Nandini when heard that Yash Raj Films of Band Baja Barat are contemplating legal action, went on offensive stating that her film is a copy of 23 hit films and named a few staying she took the climax of Jane Bi Do Yaro climax, Amitabh’s Yarana etc. Now one wonder who can take action against Nandini’s mass copying.