Nandamuri fans! Understand Balayya’s logic

Posted : October 10, 2013 at 6:56 am IST by ManaTelugu

Though he is not having any big rate of success these days, Nandamuri Balakrishna has not come down when it comes to his following and the admiration of the Nandamuri fans. But it is heard that the Nandamuri fans are little concerned as to why Balayya is not being seen outside much like before. He was last seen in his daughter Tejaswini’s marriage.

On one side, Balayya is busy with the shooting of his film ‘Legend’ but still now that his brother-in-law Chandrababu Naidu is fasting in Delhi, the Nandamuri fans are expecting him to visit Delhi and express his solidarity. But there is a logic behind Balayya’s complete absence and some are saying it is a very valid one.

If Balayya comes into the public and in front of the media he will be cornered on his stand towards the ongoing Telangana-Samaikyandhra issue and he is expected to give an answer. And anything he will say is sure going to affect him in either of the region. So, Balayya is reportedly fixed that unless the issue sorts out he will not be exposing himself much. Hope Nandamuri fans understand that.