Mrs.Prince extremely commercial

Posted : January 25, 2014 at 6:06 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Sometime back Prince Mahesh Babu used to come with just one one film a year and never used to appear in public functions. The moment he saw journalists he used to run scared away from them. Suddenly many witnessed sea change in Mahesh. He started doing two to three films every year, n number of ads and even started giving interviews.

Many say Mrs.Prince, Namrata is behind this change. Namrata with her contacts in Mumbai made Mahesh signs many ads. She even forced him to come to many functions. Being a winner of Miss India crown, she made Prince a fitness freak and paid attention to her hubby’s glamour.
Now it seems she is doing the same with her son Gautam Krishna. She made him enter film industry as child artist and now even got him release a rhyme on 1 Nenonnakadine. The rhyme was tuned in the climax of the film and Namrata being commericial didnot include it in the audio. Now she is using it to promote the film.