MRPS corners Kodandaram

Posted : November 16, 2012 at 8:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
Till now OU Professor Kodandaram used to be the King in telangana region with no one able to reach near him leave alone open their mouth against him. However all that changed due to his irresponsible comments against dalit minister Geetha Reddy. Now entire Dalit community is against him and now MRPS led by Manda Krishna Madiga decided to attack his house in protest to Kodandaram’s comments on Geetha Reddy.

Kodandaram commented how could she was born to her mother Eswari Bai a great leader who fought for telangana formation till her last breath. He even advocated to burn their hands so that they realise their mistakes.He went on to lambast her for not working hard for the formation of telangana statehood.

This hurt Geetha Reddy to the core who was furious and even when Kodandaram tendered apologies she did not accept them. Now that dalits,bcs and other organisations entering the fray in support of Geetha Reddy, JAC President is cornered and it has to be seen how will come out of the situation unscatched. Already dalit organisations are up in arms alleging that forward castes people are trying to crush them and even after the formation of telangana there wont be any change in their mind set.