Mr.Clean bags his vote bank for key post

Posted : May 13, 2013 at 11:58 am IST by ManaTelugu
‘August Sankshobham’ is very frequently used word in Andhra Pradesh politics. Long back, a yellow coloured party’s leader was frequently back stabbed by his close aides because of his innocent decisions in his administration, in the months of August.

Looks like, instead of ‘August Sankshobham’, the Union Minister for Tourism, Dr. chiranjeevi is likely to create ‘August Sensation’ in a sensible way. Yes, as per the inner reports, chiranjeevi is going to get a key post in the state in the month of August. Since chiranjeevi has turned out for crowd puller for the party and got the image of Mr.Clean, maximum number of politicians from different parts of the state are willing to work with him. The high command has also reportedly understood that Chiru’s vote bank can be used only when Chiru is offered with a key post. That’s why to make the people and the politicians accustom to Chiru’s getting a key post, Chiru’s close aide C.Rama Chandraiah is frequently raising the topic of chiranjeevi’s key post.