MPs showdown with CM

Posted : November 28, 2012 at 10:21 am IST by ManaTelugu
It seems CM Kiran and troubles are made for each other. Even before CM could come out of the controversy generated from protocol with Minister Jaipal Reddy, he fell into another controversy with MPs not only from our states but also from other states.
Recently Vijayan of DMK who is heading team of MPs visited Tirupathi to decide on the allocation of funds to various regions in MP lads schemes. However just when they were about to come out of Tirupathi airport, officials stopped them then and there saying CM convoy is passing through and no one is permitted. Even when they informed them about their status, officials were in no mood to entertain them.

When the issue was taken to CM Kiran , he did not care them and this in turn made MPs across the country turn furious. They decided that if Kiran don’t apologise to them they will pass privilige motion against him and if he don’t bend even then, matter will be taken to Privilige committee. It has to be seen what Kiran will do and how MPs from across the nation act against Kiran on the whole issue.