Movie tickets Hiked Again

Posted : April 26, 2013 at 7:36 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The Goverment of Andhra Pradesh issued a G.O. permitting the exhibitors of theaters to hike the movie ticket prices. In fact, The Film Chamber of Commerce and tollywood bigwigs repeatedly insisted the government to hike the ticket prices. Finally, the government appointed a committee to look into the issue. The committee submitted its report to the government on 10th January, 2013.

At last after so many discussions, the government released a G.O. on 26th April to hike the ticket prices. As per this G.O., theaters were categorized as Hyderabad, corporations, special municipalities, municipalities and gram Panchayats. The divisions further extended to multiplexes and non-multiplexes. Likely, the exhibitors of concerned areas will confirm the ticket prices and subsequently the price hike will come into force. However, on an estimate of Rs.25 to Rs.30 in multiplexes and Rs.10 to Rs.15 hike in non-multiplexes are predicted.