‘Mother-Son-Son in Law’ story in State and Centre

Posted : October 8, 2012 at 10:11 am IST by ManaTelugu
Politics in India is a family business and people enter politics only to make money or gain undue favors with the powers that are ruling the country and state for their business entities. Parties ruling the stae and centre are no different and everywhere one can notice family rule irrespective of the party that is ruling the state. However currently there are similarities between Andhra Pradesh state and Central Govt.
In Andhra Pradesh there is strong wave in favor of late YSR widow Vijayamma,her son Jagan. Jagan after starting his career as entrepreneur became powerful MP and even internationally acclaimed all powerful Sonia Gandhi found it extremely difficult to tackle him. Somehow she managed to send him packing to chanchalguda jail but she is paying heavy cost as some of her state cabinet ministers were also found tangled in the case.
Sonia Gandhi is all powerful and omnipresent and can do anything without questioning. If anyone questions her they would be branded as traitors. Her Son Rahul Gandhi is aspiring to become PM just like Jagan dreaming of becoming CM. Sonia’s son in law Robert Wadra is a powerful entrepreneur who amassed lot of wealth ten times more than that of Jagan. Even Vijayamma’s son in law Brother Anil has lot of businesses.
So there are lot of similarities between Rajiv Gandhi family Sonia-Rahul-Robert and YSR family Vijayamma-Jagan-Anil. So there may be lot of understanding and both the families may even come to some sort of understanding in future.